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DLO Incremental PST backup error MAPI

- DLO 7.6

- Outlook 2010

Enable incremental backup of PST; i have this error:

Backup - d:\xxx\\Drafts\000000005CA9FC64574ED0419388C23C3E89B0A0249C3300 - Mapi resource error.  This could be a network, disk space, or out of memory problem.  Retry the operation. (8004010f) (MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND ) 

Local and Network space is enough, LAN Network is OK.

Any idea about this problem?


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I would strongly recommend

I would strongly recommend switching over the VSS method for backing up the .pst files. This involves unchecking the message level incremental option & ensuring atleast 1 revision is maintained in both DUDF and NUDF.


Full Backup pst is not

Full Backup pst is not practical, PST over 5 GB and hang up Outlook clients when start. Incremental backup is great but i have this error in some clients.

I see that problem is with Draft folder only, other folder backup fine; is a bug?

We had worked upon similar

We had worked upon similar cases in the path and found the issue to be intermittent and MAPI related (Specifically, due to MAPI calls not being supported over the network). Hence, the suggestion for VSS method.

If VSS method is enabled, the first backup is a full. However, subsequent backups will transfer only the changed portions of the .pst file.

i have also noticed that vss

i have also noticed that vss backups are always full backups, never incremental's, and they take a very long time, compared to mapi backups, which are instant for incremental backups can be followed to speed up the VSS based backup.

And if your VSS baased .pst backups are always Full, have a look @ this KB -

i can confirm that the

i can confirm that the setting for at least 1 revision on both nudf and dudf is set for pst, and delta file transfer is enabled by default, and the client is getting no erros when perform the backups.

i will check out the 2 docs to see what if anything can be done.