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DLO Keeps several file revisions


I'm running the DLO on desktops to backup their files, set it to saver 10 revisions in user data folder and 1 in network datafolder but ir keeps saving several revisions in network.  


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Are the number of revisions

Are the number of revisions configured same for every backup selection in the profile settings ? (As each backup selection can have different revisions configured)

And what type of files have multiple revisions in the network folder ?

Your Revision Maintenance is

Your Revision Maintenance is not working correctly. You will have to make sure your revision maintenance service is running on th maintenance server. Please let us know what is the status of this service and I will try to guide you further just in case there is an issue.

Aprisa, how you check on the

Aprisa, how you check on the the revision that I have mentioned in above comment??