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DLO Mac client causes system stability issues

We have investigated deploying the DLO Mac client to our iMac/MacBook Pro population, and have run into some severe issues. I'm wondering how unique our experience might be, or if there's a solution that we should try in order to make DLO usable on the Mac platform.

The primary issue we've encountered is that the system is unstable if (and only if) the DLO client is running, including in the background. After the client has been open for about 5 minutes, the hardware needs to turn on the fan because DLO is occupying as much processor time for as many cores as are available. As other apps give up processor time to DLO, this causes them to become nonresponsive, and prevents normal use of the computer. During this time, nearly any action within the DLO GUI causes the app to hang/spin, requiring a force-quit. If the GUI if avoided, this app instability only lasts about an hour - at that point, nearly without fail, a kernel panic occurs. This forces a restart, and at next login the process begins anew.

We are extremely hopeful that there is a solution to our woes - be that a fix to the client configuration, or an update to the app itself which does not include these show-stopping bugs. Has anyone else given the Mac client a try?

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Would recommend to log a

Would recommend to log a formal support case if you haven't already done so.

I have a case open at this

I have a case open at this point, but the rep that I have talked to briefly doesn't seem to have any interest in finding a solution (or even troubleshooting). I've been sent a Windows app and asked to run it on the Mac, and the rep has missed two scheduled times for a remote session without any attempt to contact me.

I'm hoping there's someone else out there who has used the Mac client successfully and can let us know what changes/adjustments they've found to make the product usable.

There aren't any

There aren't any changes/adjustments/tweaks needed to make the SDLO usable on Mac clients. There's probably something else which is causing the instability issues.

Could you PM me the case number ? Thanks.