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DLO admin account has greyed out options

Good Day All,

Trust everyone is well and keeping safe.

Im in need of your assistance, I'm trying to add a user as an administrator in the admin group. But the option top add the user is greyed out, this seems to be the only administrators account that I'm logged in with.

what could the issue?

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Re: DLO admin account has greyed out options


You have not mentioned what version of DLO this is occurring with, but normally if the options are greyed out, that implies the account you have logged onto the desktop as, does not have permissions to carry out those actions. You indicate this should be the Administrators account, but I recommend that you check the DLO services and log onto the Windows desktop as the account that is running those, as that should have the necessary rights to make changes within DLO.

Let us know if that resolves the issue.