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DLO after retention period restore

Hello good people...

I am not into words so much therefore I will try to explain on example.

for example I have DLO and retention period of 30 days. on day 31 I need to restore something from the day 1. We have Backup Exec also, with tape library. I understand that I can do backup of the data on tapes for example every 30 days. but when restoring from tape is it possible (and how to do it) for one excell file from one user (as the deduplication and encryption is on)to be restored either to original or some other location?

As I don't feel like restoring 1TB of data over 13K.... I think that there should be a solution as these products are both veritas...

please advise.

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Re: DLO after retention period restore

- First you need to restore the data from Tape to Disk using Backup Exec

- Once the Data is restored it will restore user data with the encryption key along with it.

- You can now perform EmergencyRestore of the restored data from Backup Exec using DLO EmergencyRestore Feature.

Follow the below steps once you have restored the Tape Data using Backup Exec:

  • Log on to your DLO server and create a recovery folder e.g. D:\Recovery
  • Open a command prompt and change to directory <install path>\VERITAS\DLO (Path may change depending on the version of the DLO. This is for DLO 9.0 and above)
  • Right click that user and select 'properties'.  The Network User Data Folder path will be displayed. 
  • In the command prompt enter: 
    dlocommandu -emergencyrestore <Network User Data Folder> -w <RecoveryPassword> -ap <recovery folder path> -i

The -i parameter specifies that file permissions are not restored - if permissions are to be maintained, then omit -i parameter.


DLOCommandu -EmergencyRestore "\\Server\StorageLocation\Domain-User" -W "MyPassWord" -AP "\\Server\ShareName\My Restored Files"

DLOCommandu -EmergencyRestore "R:\DLOStorage\MyDomain-Administrator\.dlo" -w password -ap "\\myserver\r$\testrestore"

\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\Failed To Load.JPG was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\st23test24test25test2sss.txt was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\Test.txt.txt was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\This is a test.doc was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\This is test four.doc was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\This is Test Three.doc was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\This is Test two.doc was restored


Re: DLO after retention period restore

Thank you very much for reply!

most of these rhings I understand. but...

- First you need to restore the data from Tape to Disk using Backup Exec 

My idea was to do a full montly backup of all users to tape and store it away in safe (old school I know but this is how I do it), and to have retention on DLO for 30 days. HR will come in 2 years time from now and ask for a file from a user... data will be on tapes of course, and here comes the funny part. Monthly data will be 1TB of data for example.

in order to restore a table.xlsx I need to restore 1TB of data via BE, and then grab the file from DLO. I don't mind doing it, but as these products came from same company (and from what I heard were once one software), is there no agent or something that can simplify this? Unfortunately I get these requests quite often, and.... well it will take a lot of time of my life...