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DLO agents prompting for password, 9.0 after upgrade

Level 4


I have upgraded DLO Server from 7.6 to 9.0. Upgrade happened smothly no errors. 

After upgrade all the old clients with agent version 7.0 & 7.6 are wotking fine.

But one the client is upgraded to 9.0 or new client is installed problem starts. 

on the first launch of the DLO agent on client it prompts for user name & password, even though the user is present, pc is in domain, pc can access NUDF share. 


Have tried adding new user & restart the DLO servicess & then installing the agent on client, same issue. 


Level 4


This behavior is seen if the machine is in workgroup, so it requires the credential or Sometime if the agent faces any network interruption, the same popup may appear, where it was unable to recognize if the machine is in workgroup or domain, If the condition is idle, cancel the prompt and proceed, user should be able to proceed.

the system is in domain & ther is not network interuptios. 

But still when click on cancle the agent exits.