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DLO and Azure integration

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Hi Guys,

My customer has 13 locations and 30 users per location. In each location, we have just one physical Windows Server and a NAS attached to it so we are going to use a distributed architecture so each user backs up the data to each location.

My concerns appear when BOI comes into the environment.

Do I need a public IP for each location? 13 public IPs?

If I use Azure as a repository, do I need 13 site-to-site VPNs?

Considering each location has a physical windows server, except the main location where we have more resources as ESXi servers, what would be the best option? 




To better help answer this, could we please check a few things about the DLO environment now;

  • Have you already implemented DLO across these sites and you are now looking to add BOI functionality or is this the intended configuration and you have not yet implemented DLO or BOI at all ?
  • You mention having 13 sites\locations but are these sites completely independent of each other or is there a common gateway\firewall that they use ?
  • Where are these sites geographically and do they have a reliable WAN connection between them ?
  • Is the intention to have 13 completely independent setups of DLO\BOI or could it be considered to have a single DLO Server & Edge server handling all remote sites (with storage at each site), which would then only require a single IP address to be configured (each Edge server will require a unique IP) ?


Please let use now and we can advise more.