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DLO backing up too many data

Hi everyone,
We're in the process of implementing DLO 7.6 for the first time.

We've created a new backup selection with the folling settings:
and made the folllowing selections:

For whatever reason, DLO is backing up the selected files and lots more:

Can anyone explain me, why this is happening and what I can do to disable the backup of all those files?

The setting "Enable message level incremental backups of Lotus Notes E-mail files" is disabled.


Thank you in advance,

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Would you pls elaborate as to

Would you pls elaborate as to which files are excluded and yet are being backed up ?

Expected behavior of "Include and exclude only the items listed below" - When this option is selected, a wildcard include is added to back up all files not specifically excluded.

As far as i can see from screenshot, you have included \IBM\Notes\Data as the source folder and the second screenshot shows that files from this folder only are getting backed up.

Hi, Yes you're right, we


Yes you're right, we selected \IBM\Notes\Data.

But no, not these files are backed up but instead files from \IBM\Notes\Data\mail\inf, even though we explicitly unchecked "include subfolders".

So I expect only the files within the selected root folder are backed up, not the ones in the subfolders.

Save the Earth, it's the only planet with chocolate.

We tested this at our end and

We tested this at our end and the data within the sub-folders weren't backed up.

Are you using the pre-defined backup selection for Lotus Notes or have you modified the pre-defined backup selection ?

Or is this a custom backup selection ? If custom backup selection, are the pre-defined Lotus Notes selections also checked ?

Lastly, try deleting the .settings directory on an affected client (for it to receive the policy again) and recheck the backups.