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DLO backlog management

Level 4


We've found that DLO is not well handling backlog. We've got clients that reports to console succeddfull backup, but when we browse the server storage, lots of data are missing.

We've tried to move users from dedup storage to regular one : no changes (except that dedup seems ways faster).


After a useless ticket openned with support, it looks like DLO is not handling backlog, data may remain on the client and never being pushed back the server.


Have you got any experience of this ? Is there some tools to check clients ? Any log files to identify the issue ?


Thanks for your feedback,


Level 5


1. Are you observing this issue for Normal files or PST files?
2. If issue is with PSTs, please mention which mail option(MAPI\NONMAPI\VSS) has been used.
3. On DLO agent UI->”History View” you can find the information regarding Success\Failed backups.


Level 4

Hello Santosh,

We don't use DLO for PST, so only files.

There's no link between backlog and Success/failled backup. A backup is just the process to save the data to the local storage (I guess). I haven't been able to find a way to estimate the backlog or at least to know if we have some.

I've opened a case @support, it looks like there's nothing. I've heard that a new releas should appear soon, but I have no other info.

To sum up, most of our clients have a backup status to success, but on the server lots of files are missing.


Level 4

I've just upgrade to 7.5 sp1 : nothing really new.


Maybe one thing (I forgot if it was available on previous version) : you can now see local and network folder size on console history tab. As we use dedup, I don't know if it is really relevant, but it may be a good start.


About backlog or backup queue on agent : N O T H I N G

It means that you never know if your data are safe or not.

It's amazing for a backup and security software to claim backup success and let the data un protected on client machines.


BTW : support is not able to help... No solution ?!

Level 4

Hi Nicolas,

Yes you can run report to check what data is being backed up for a user or for a computer.

To run a report
1 On the navigation bar, click Reports.
2 On the Reports pane, select the report you want to run.
3 In the Task pane, under Reports Tasks, click Run report now.
4 Select the appropriate filters for the data you want to include in the report from
the following available filters. Some of these filters are disabled depending on
the report selected.
5 Click OK to run the report. The report can be printed or saved before it is closed.
6 Click OK to close the report.
For more information on reports please go through DLO Admin guide
Pages 197 to 201

Good luck!!