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DLO client offline backup when no network connected with the laptop.

Level 6


I have a senerio as follows:-

I have DLO 7 and clients are mostly rooming.

Is it possible to take offline backup(i.e. backup to local disk of that laptop) when there is no network is connected to the DLO server with the system.

I mean to say that the ...

Is DLO client able to do offline backup to local disk when there is no network or network disconnected from the system.



Level 6


I have got this below link:-

any other ideas...


Level 4

If the revsion count in LUDF (local user data folder) is set to 1 or more, then a backup job will run and the latest revision of the source file will be kept in the local machine. If there is no network connectivity the agent will take backups in the local machine. When the DLO client comes online, backups will run and the files will be copied to the network user data folder.

Level 4

Remember that this backup will be on the same volume or in the best case scenario, only the same computer.

The idea for DLO is to allow backups of business data from clients to a central storage location.  If you store the backups on a local machine (LUDF), they will reside on the same location as the live data, therefore they are not really a backup but merely a copy of data in an alternate location.

If this is a must for you I would definitely recommend that you have 2 seperate drives (not volumes on one disk) and configure your LUDF location to be on the alternate drive as to where the user data is stored.