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DLO does not backup some of the users.

Level 4

I have notice to a weird behaver which is also hard to explain.

My Policy is to to back-up files on change, the interval is set to 1 hour.


of 15 users, it works, 3 users it does not.

All i see for this 3 users for the past 7 days


is this 3 events

"2/19/2015 1:23:35 PM - Dedupe - Dedupe Synchronization started  -
2/19/2015 1:23:35 PM - Maintenance - Maintenance cycle complete.  -
2/19/2015 1:21:14 PM - Maintenance - Maintenance cycle running...  -


for other user, I can see that there are stuff beeing backed-up, now, if i restart the server, for this 3 users the backups works properly. but i have to restart the server, I do shutdown-turnon the server daily at night due to the backup of the DLO folders(full server backup)

I have also noticed that that under personal selection page(personal backups of pcs) the whole include/exlude tab is buggy, for instance, i backup both C:\DEV and D:\DEV, if i add one exclude for some reason i see the exclude from c also appear in D - some of them

if i delete the backup selection itself, sometimes it does not delete. so weird.


I do not care about the buggy behaver but only about this 3 clients, deleting / rea-adding them is not a solution.


its clean install on windows 2008r2 x64, clean installation

dlo version 7.6


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I would recommend the following first.

1) Exit the Desktop Agent on the affected clients.

2) Delete the .settings folder from the client machines.

3) Relaunch the Desktop Agent.

Do ensure AV exclusions are added for the DLO processes and observe the backup behavior. If there are still issues, would recommend you to log a formal support case.

Level 4


One client, i have deleted the whole dlo folder and i get the same behaver.


for adding av exclusions, i am using eset nod32, but i can not find an option there to add an exlusin for process, only for path, maby should i do it for a the backup selection path? Its not safe, but i guess it will make the backup faster no ?



for opening formal support case - I prefer not, I currently have maintence, however i never found the support helpful

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

It will be very difficult to obtain technical assistance for difficult & unknown issues etc via an user-assisted forum community and Support does not officially work via the forums either.

I would still recommend to log a formal support case and if you are unsatisifed with the type of support being received, one always has the option to escalate. Have you ever escalated to provide your feedback ? If not, pls do so. Its only by receiving feedback, we can improve. Secondly, if this is a unknown problem then by having Support assist you and resolve this, it will help other customers as well in the future since the issue will be fixed.


1) Pls do not delete the entire DLO folder next time. Only the .settings folder can be safely deleted, else one has to uninstall and reinstall the DLO agent.

2) Add the AV exlusions for the DLO Agent install path and you could check with the AV vendor if the AV scans actively during backup or not. If it does, you could prevent it from scanning the DLO activity when a backup runs.

3) Lastly, I would again recommend to log a support case as it would be very helpful for a support engineer to have a look @ your setup and check the settings, configuration of the affected DLO agents.

Level 4


I have open a formal support case, however it was not helpful. the support did not help me to fix the issue.

Out of 15 users, 3 had the same issues.

After investigation, i have concluded that the problem is with SYMBOLIC LINKs.

If the folder that is being backed-up is a symbolic link or inside the folder there is symbolic link  the whole client will not work, at the GUI you will be able to see the folder and press + on the symbolic link, however it will not backup, if you press run job, it will not backup.

I can safely say that DLO does not work with symbolic links.


Hope that helps to anyone.