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DLO error-failed to copy to network user data folder

Level 3

I have been having this error for a while now.  The error is show below:

C:\debbiedoc\TimSchmidt.qbw FAILED to copy to the network user data folder.Access denied 6%

I have tried to fix it and sometimes it backs up fine and then it goes back to this error. Not all files get this error but 85% of them do not get backed up. These are all Quickbooks files but my other computers have QB files and they are fine. Can someone tell me what is going on??




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...could be that the file is open during the backup and won't allow it to be backed up. Have you made sure your settings are correct to backup open files?


Level 3

Not sure that I know where that is. I have looked and am sure its right in front of me but could not find it.I have changed so many things it that profile to try to fix it that I am not sure what I have and have not done. Can you let me know where that is? I appreciate it. Thanks

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DLO does not backup open files. The exception to this are .pst files

If the file is kept open during backup, DLO will attempt backing it up on each backup attempt and this file will be kept pending in the backup list.


Here is a KB as well -