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DLO option licensing

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We have SBS - DLO with a 75 workstation license. The DLO console shows 15 users and 25 computers. In fact there are only 13 machines but some appear multiple times with different usernames. Recently I saw a user limit exceeded alert which is surprising given the 75 workstation license. It has been working fine until then -- the only change is one or two new users added during last couple of months. But we are nowhere near the 75 workstation limit. My efforts at getting clear info from sales on how DLO license is counted has not been successful so if anyone has insight into this, please share.

I would also like to recover some licenses as some users like admins and service accounts automatically added to the DLO list do not need this service. Is it enough to disable these users on the DLO console to recover the used licenses? 

About->Help->license info shows that the 5 user license included with Backup Exec is not installed. I tried to install this from Tools-> "Install options and licensing"  but it appears to try to completely reinstall DLO and then fails, while what I want to do is to only install the missing option.  




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Consider upgrading your environment to new Suite of Symantec DLO (It is now a seperate product from Backup Exec Suite)

DLO is purely licensed based on Number of Users

There were enhancement requests on Forum as well for improving Dashboard and reporting for Utilization for transparency. Try with New DLO it should help you. for license upgrades sync with your Sales rep