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DLO "Search for files to restore" problems


I was asked to restore *.doc files that has been modified las 90 days.

So what do you think, I was very happy that where is "Search for files to restore" option and i thought it will be very usefull.

1) When you check "modified" and enter date between, or anything else it does not work. You get all files listed insted of filtered by you selected date.


2) OK i got workaround then i sorted by modified column and i only needed 2 files. BUT what if i need all files? I have to click my mouse on every checkbox of all 128 files... my god where is no option or button of "Select ALL"

I hope these bugs will be fixed on next DLO release...

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Thanks for the feedback. I

Thanks for the feedback. I would recommend you to log a support case so that this issue can be investigated properly.

I would love to see this

I would love to see this fixed as well. Somebody got hit by a nasty virus so I need to restore anything prior to a date. Search by date just shows me everything. There is also no way to mass-select what I need.