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DLO report on used storage gives incorrect information

When I run the report DLOstoreperuser_en.rdl from the reports section, I get a nice report stating the amount of data that is being used. The information is however absolutely not correct.

Our test setup contains a folder DLO_Dedupe_Data and a folder called DLO_User_Data.

The folder DLO_Dedupe_Data contains the CF01..CF02.. files which I presume hold all the actual data sine these files are big and keep growing while running a backup.. The folder DLO_User_Data shows the backedup folder structure but according to me not the actual data.

When I run the report DLOstoreperuser_en.rdl it gives me a summary of the storage being used in DLO_User_Data and not the actual storage being used in DLO_Dedupe_Data.


I am obviously interested in the size of actual data a user is using, not the size of their configuration files or whatever is stored in DLO_User_Data

Any suggestions? Is my setup wrong?


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Hi,  With 7.5, all end-users


 With 7.5, all end-users common data would be stored in the common repository (dedupe storage location) in the form of chunks. Hence you will notice only the NUDF size consumption as an administrator. However, each agent user will be shown (NUDF+dedupe consumption) as a network usage on their machines.



Hi, Thanks for your comment.


Thanks for your comment. I do find this a shortcomming to be honest. As an administrator I would like to generate a quick report to show to upper management regarding actual storage consumption. The fact that each indivudual client will show the correct size (NUDF+dedupe) is a 'nice to know' for an end-user but does not give any info to the admin from his central console.. I suppose I will have to write a quick powershell script to calculate size per user on both the NUDF and dedupe storage locations..

Thanks again for your previous explanation.


Hi, The data stored in dedupe


The data stored in dedupe storage location will be shared among the users, so the script which you are planning to write will not yield the proper results at user level.



...this thread was nearly 3

...this thread was nearly 3 months old. Effectively dead, so no need to respond on it as the OP hasn't responded since April.