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DLO trialWare

Level 2

Downloaded the trialware today, Nov 15th and got a n email saying to apply the license before oct 31st????

I cannot use the tialware right now as it says it has expired.

I called support, who put me on hold for 45 minutes, then told me to call sales support to get a new key.


They then send me the same expired key.

How am I going to make this work before purchasing for our entire coast to coast company if i can't even try it out?




Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified


It appears there was a DLO already installed on the server, this has retained the trial counter to keep ticking.

It may be also due to corrupt or incomplete install.

please try the trial on a different server.

Kind regards,


Level 2

Finally got it solved from engaging our reseller and getting this to tier 2 support.

IFrom tier 1 support, I have heard everything from installing on a new server, to having to install the complete backup exec program and adding the dlo option.

I had put in a support call at first, the person I talked to gave me some program called extender that didn't do a thing, she realized it only worked for other programs and said she couldn't help me and transferred me to the sales department and immediately closed the ticket I opened. 

So sad that the support has gotten to this, I am so disappointed in what Symantec has gotten to for supporting people,

Level 3

Hi. change the date on the server to the ""install by date"" as per the mail sent for trialware. i was able to get it working this way...