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DLO updates or upgrades : news and download page


Is there an article or a page on connect that sum-up all the news and download links for DLO ?

We have a page for NBU which is quite convenient, but I wasn't able to find something for DLO.

(in fact I've just found this page)


Are we supposed to receive an email when an update has been published ?

Thanks for your help,

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Well here it

Thanks, but it is a copy of

Thanks, but it is a copy of the page I've mentionned.

I was wondering if we could have someting similar to Netbackup like :



or post from you and CRZ


Hi,   If it doesn't exist,



If it doesn't exist, head on over to the Ideas section and add this in, with the links you posted as examples...enough votes and it might get implemented, but it looks like a worthy idea.