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DLO w/VDI for user-centric file backup?

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For reasons that don't bear repeating here, we have data, not user profile information, on virtual desktops that has to be backed up.  No, we can't put it on CIFS shares due to performance problems with the particular product.  The VDI product is View, and we are using non-persistent Windows 7 desktops with a persistent disk (same disk, a VMDK, gets assigned to a given user on login).  I need a backup solution that will backup that data, about 4GB per user, and mark it specific to a user, not a computer, as with traditional Backup Exec (RAWS) backup.  What I'm thinking is that in a recovery scenario, a given user logging in could get any desktop, so if we had to recover this data, either due to a corrupt volume or a site loss, we would have no way of associating that persistent disk with that particular user.  But if we're doing a user-centric backup, in which the data is associated with a particular user, then we can easily restore it for them.  

I'm hoping that DLO can provide this.  I know it's not a DR solution, which is fine, because in a real site-loss disaster, this data is available in a different way, we just might experience some problems with RPO.  The data is committed to a server every couple weeks, and in a disaster, that would be an acceptable data loss, but if we lose a single persistent disk, they don't want to lose the time to recreate that data.

So the fundamental question is, does DLO back up on a per-computer basis or a per-user basis?  Then of course we get into licensing and agent registration questions that come from non-persistent desktops, but none of that matters unless it's user-centric backups.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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DLO backs up per user basis.

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Thank you, VJware. 

That gives me enough to make it worth it to talk to a Symantec salesperson to address my further questions.