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DLO7 Client Installation (if they are currently on DLO in BE12.5)

Level 2

We currently have a server running BE12.5 as well as DLO (built into BE12.5) with about 50 laptop users being backed up by DLO.

We now have a new server (new hardware) that has a fresh install of BE2012 as well as a fresh install of DLO7.  Note that we did not migrate or upgrade anything from the old server or the old BE12.5 or the old DLO into BE2012 or DLO7.  It's basically a brand new fresh installation.

We would like to get our 50 users into DLO7 but we are not clear the best strategy.  They are currently still tied to BE12.5/DLO.  We want to simply redirect them to DLO7. 

My assumption is that we may have to visit each laptop and uninstall DLO from each laptop and then install the new DLO7 client?  Is that correct?

Or, could we just push out the new DLO7 client to overwrite the current DLO on each machine?  If this option, will the new DLO7 client simply purge the current desktop backup data files and take care of removing anything to do with the old DLO?

Any thoughts on this would be ideal.



Level 4

From your post we understand that you want to,

  1. Upgrade the 50 BE agents to DLO 7.0
  2. Mkae all the agents point to a NEW server

To achieve this without having to uninstall all the agents, you may follow the below mentioned steps.


1.     Upgrade existing BE DLO 12.5 to DLO 7.0

2.     Push 7.0 agents to all the existing DLO client machines

3.     Now, all the 50 machines have agents upgraded to DLO 7.0

4.     Disable all agents from console

5.     Copy and replace DB files (.mdf & .ldf) from old machine to new machine

6.     Run the following commands from the install path on the old machine, i.e. the existing DLO server

7.     DLOCommandu.exe ChangeServer –M <newserver name> -U * {this command migrates the admin server. The * stands for all users}

8.     DLOCommandu.exe -ChangeDB -DBserver <newserver name> -DBInstance <instance name> -DBName <DB name>

9.     Enable all agents from console

With this, the storage location will be the same. Backups are intact. Fresh backups and restore run as expected. All agents will now be connected to the new server.

Kindly revert to us if you need further information.