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Decryption stopped at 57% using either windows client or recovery disk

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I started to decrypt my hard drive using the Windows client (so that I could update Windows OS).  During the decryption process, my machine went into sleep mode and when initiated again, it appeared to be stuck at 57.79%.  I changed the power settings on my machine to avoid going into sleep mode again, and waited a day, but it remained at 57.79%.  I then booted from the recovery disk (using the iso image from the windows installation on said machine).  It says that's it' 57% encrypted - similar to what windows says - but it has been running for 2 hours and hasn't changed from 57%.  I know that this process can take days, and that I should not interrupt the decryption, but it doesn't seem to be decrypting at all.  Should I select "continue" from the bottom right menu to start the decryption?  I'm thinking no because it says that it's decryption and that I should wait until it's complete. If this doesn't move from 57% what else can I try to decrypt this drive?