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Dedupe Engine Offline Error for Local Users

Level 3

We have been experiencing a number of errors with DLO on the user side.  The agent will not back up to the user’s DUDF (Desktop User Data File) because it cannot communicate with the server,


As both a primary user and an administrator, I often check my settings and backup statistics.  I happened to notice today that I, myself, received the Dedupe Engine Offline error when I tried to force a backup over VPN.  So.  My question is, does being connected via VPN somehow affect the backup?  Is it possible that some of the ports used by DLO are blocked, or not open, in a VPN session?  Is there some way to test and/or correct this?


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Have a look at the section titled "Symantec DLO Firewall Ports" of the Admin Guide to verify if the necessary ports are open or not.

And from a client machine, using a browser are you able to access ~

https://<Dedupe server IP or Hostname>:8443
http://< <Dedupe server IP or Hostname>:8080

Level 3

From the client machine I am able to access both of those sites. through those ports.


I will look at that section of the Admin Guide.  We don't configure Firewall on the client machines, but we should definitely look at the network firewall.


Thanks for the suggestion.


Patrick Burnett

Information Technology Group

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Hello, just a question what if i am not able to access the dedupe server? when i check on  my client agent. it has a message that says Dedupe server is offline. thanks