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Deployment Scenario in Multi Forest Environment

Hi all,

I am planning delpoyment of DLO 7.5 SP1 for my company's network. My company has three main sites separated geographically. Each site is on their own Active Directory forest, and connected via site-to-site VPN links. Internet links between sites are ADSL or SDSL of various speeds. As I am the only DLO admin for the entire enterprise, and i am located physically at HQ (one of the sites), I would like to manage all DLO agents from HQ if at all possible. DLO storage will be deployed at individual sites, which will host the Network User Data Folder for that particular site's computers, but media server (DLO server, DLO dedupe, DLO database, DLO Maintenance) will all be located at HQ.


1. Since the computers running agents on my branch offices are in different AD Forest as the DLO server in HQ, would authentication works by means of Forest Trust?

2. Would this setup put a heavy load on my site-to-site WAN links when the backup is running at branch office?

Is this setup recommended? Any other potential problems that I might have overlooked?

Any reply is highly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.


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Hi,   As long as trusts are



As long as trusts are in place, there should be no hassles with this to run properly. Have you tried to run a test? This would verify whether or not it works.

You can schedule your backups to run at specific times, as well as throttling the bandwidth. These are settings you might want to play around with in order to make sure they run optimally without impacting normal business across those links.


I have put across your query

I have put across your query over to the concerned team and will post back with a reply. A couple of queries. Would you be using DeDuplication ? Approx how many clients at each site ?


Hiya Tan, Can you PM me your

Hiya Tan,

Can you PM me your contact information.



Hi VJ, To answer your

Hi VJ,

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, am planning to use dedupe as i understand it saves disk space and bandwidth.

2. Just the main sites: 

HQ ~ 45

Branch 1 ~ 14

Branch 2 ~35

Please kindly advise.