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Desktop Agent won't run for single user on multiuser system

I have a confusing problem on one of our Windows 8 computers. The DLO Desktop Agent runs fine for all users on this computer except for one. This one user gets "The database server name is not specified in the registry" error whenever he logs in. We have uninstalled and reinstalled the client multiple times and checked the registry to verify that it had the correct server listed in the DefaultMediaServer key (it does). We've eliminated the firewall as a potential cause and the user himself; he can log into other machines and DLO backs him up just fine. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of what else we could try aside from re-creating his user profile. We are running DLO 7.0.



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This sounds like an user

This sounds like an user profile corruption issue and recreating the user profile for that machine would be the way to go.