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Desktop Laptop and Option 7.5

Level 5
Partner Certified

Dear Good afternoon,
I want to make optional consultation or personal, if anyone knows or suggest how I can do to manage the console DLO 7.5 level terminal equipment, if it exists as a WebUI-LOGIN Netbackup, or if there is another alternative to manage console DLO 7.5, so you can not have total control of the DLO 7.5 server console.

thank you for your support.


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

There isn't any Web UI.

Using the DLO installer, you can choose to install only the "DLO Administration Console" on a remote computer.

By default, any administrator with full access can use all DLO features. But if you want, you can restrict the "restore" option by creating a Limited Administrator account. You can do this from DLO console - Network - Administrator accounts.