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Desktop Laptop and Option (DLO)

good afternoon dear, 
I have a problem with Desktop and Laptop Option 7.5 V, which enter the profiles as shown in the image.

when I go to the Global tab to exclude exclude all file extensions as * .mp3, * jpg, * avi, etc.


but when I go to profile MKT, and I add files with extensions * jpg, * avi. I give and accept to save the changes I get this message that all changes are saved in the profiles as shown in the picture, you only bring about change in the MKT profile, which is what is required. 


thank you for your help.


















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If you make any changes to an

If you make any changes to an existing backup selection, it will apply to all profiles which have included this selection.

If you want to make changes only to the MKT profile, then add a new backup selection for this profile and add the exclusions. Select this new backup selection for the MKT profile and then the exclusions will be applied to this profile only.