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Desktop Vault and Outlook emails

Level 2

Our former IT person was great but, was recently replaced by someone who is just learning the ropes. He is overwhelmed so, he's no help right now. Here is my problem, I go to the bottom of my screen where I can search the desktop and type in a phrase like, "Gibbons Presentation." A window comes up showing me my emails that I sent or received with those key words and, I see a few lines of the text. But, that's all I can see. I need to get to the full message as well as any attachments that might have been included. Where is the actual source file? Is it pulling meta information from the OST file? Help!!!!


And, Thank You in advance


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

I guess the Outlook file is added as a source under Indexing Options. To check the complete email message with/without attachments, you should be able to click on the search results (as those are hyperlinked) or else, you may check within Outlook itself.

P.S. This query is suited more towards the MS forums and they would be able to assist you further.