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Does Veritas DLO 9.3 work in a workgroup environment?

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Can we install the Veritas DLO server in a workgroup environment? All the clients are parts of a central domain environment. but we are not allowed to join the server to the domain.


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I have moved your post in an unrelated forum to the DLO forum.

I doubt that DLO will work in workgroup environment.

Please see the requirements in the DLO Admin Guide:

Before You Install

Domains and Active Directory
The DLO Administration Server, DLO Dedupe Server, DLO Edge server, DLO IO Server and DLO Storage Locations must be in a Windows Domain or Active Directory.
Computers running the Desktop Agent can be outside a Windows Domain or Active Directory, but they must authenticate with the domain or directory to access the DLO Administration Server or Storage Locations.

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Yes it will work

Just add manually the user name in DLO Gui

then add the user in Active Directory

When at DLO Agent prompt for credentials, give user name and password and In Domain tab  write down the DOMAIN.COM (Your domain)

it will connect

Yes,I was going to say that inn_kam. It had worked for me earlier. And I'm sure it can work this time, too.

Add the username to DLO gui.

Then add the user in active directory.