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Error DLO Agent


I have a problem starting DLO Agent, displays a message:

"there is no email program associated to perform the requested action..."


check the file association is ok.

check register in regedit ok.


Details systems:

Windows 8.1 64bit

DLO 7.5 32bit.

Office 2013 64Bit


In windows 7 or 10, no problems.


your help please...


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Re: Error DLO Agent

...have you made sure this isn't a Windows 8.1 issue?

Re: Error DLO Agent

Which version of Outlook is installed on this client machine ?

Also, is Outlook set as the Default Email Program ?

Re: Error DLO Agent

This problem did not occur previously, begins installing DLO agent get the message. All other applications related to e-mail works properly.

Thank you for your answer.



Is DLO 7.5 updated with SP1

Is DLO 7.5 updated with SP1 ?

Since SP1 introduced support for Outlook 2013.

Re: Error DLO Agent

IS DLO 7.5 Build 75096a and i run LiveUdate not found upgrades.



That build is 7.5 and not 7.5

That build is 7.5 and not 7.5 Sp1.

Download SP1 from this link and install it manually -