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Error: Engine is operating in offline mode.

Level 2

After DEDUP was enabled on my storage location, some users logs report errors:

File path FAILED to copy to the network user data folder. Error: Engine is operating in offline mode.

Following this link: 

I confirmed that StoreSmart Dedupe Server Status: (20159) Active on IExplorer.

So, what is wrong?





Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

It may be a cosmetic issue. Would you pls verify per this KB -

Level 2


Well, I did the same as the link says.

On the profile, I removed the dedup option, and then reinstalled the agents on the clients with issues.

So far, 2 of 3 users with errors are fine.

Thanks for the help VJware smiley

Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified

Are you using dedupe or not after you follow that article? Have you enabled the dedupe option in the profile and if the backups are working with the dedupe enabled profile?