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GHOST 2003 slow after new motherboard

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I have a Dell Precision Workstation 650 with U320 SCSI controller and 2 HD's

The capacitors on the motherboard leaked.

So I replace the MB with exact same model of F1262.

I swapped the two Xeon CPU chips and 2GB ECC RAM modules

I am using the built-in LSI SCSI U320 controller.

The original Motherboard did Disk-to-Disk Ghost in 35 minutes for 8 years. 

Now the exact same Ghost Boot Floppy does Disk-to-Disk Ghost in 1 hour 10 Minutes???

The speed per Ghost is now 400 MB / min.

The BIOS POST finds two SCSI drives and both are: 

SYNC column = 320.0

WIDE column = 16

That looks GOOD ?

I have the same BIOS A05 in both MB's.

I have the same LSI Firmware in both MB's

Both HD's are ST336753LW Cheetah, 15K RPM, 36 GB, 68 Pin (same drives as before)

All (F2) BIOS settings are identical

All (Ctrl-A) SCSI settings are the identical

I tried a round 3 device U320 SCSI Cable instead of flat cable - still slow.


What coud have happened ?



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Ghost has its own forum and so would recommend to post your query over here - -