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How to auto re-create synced files from DLO clients ?

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I would like to recreate a readable directory of all my DLO clients files.

Ie : the same as the storage location, but with un-encrypted, un-compressed and merge version files

Main idea is to add this folder in the backup selection. If I do this with the storage location, I'll just get un-readable files. And I'll need to use CLI to recreate the files.

It would be easier if it is done by default, without the CLI step.




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By default the data backed up on the storage location is encrypted and to decrypt you have to restore the files using DLO. This function would leave the data vulnerable and hence the encryption is by default. If you want this as an enhancement you can put that as a idea.

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Hello Neer,

Thanks for your feedback.

In fact if you check competitors, most (let's say all) have a solution for remote users (desktops & laptops). It means that their clients or agent are able to backup offline, and sync with the backup software as soon as it is visible (VPN or anything else).

DLO doesn't seems to be targetted for remotes. It looks more like a mono user replication tool to share common folder between one user computers (and add as a bonus a simple versionning tool).

Do you know if some more "backup" features will be implemented in next release ? I've heard that it should include a dedup.

Is there another option in Symantec/netbackup family to backup desktop and laptop computers ?

To sum up, the idea is to backup offline a machine, stage locally the info, and push as soon as possible the data to main storage location (with indexing, and disk 2 tape for archive).


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Can you please help me understand your requirement/enhancement for DLO? DLO currently has the ability to have the backups done locally (in the agent machine) when the connection to storage location is not available and will sync with the storage location data when the network is back. In short, the concept of offline/Online backup is already provided in DLO.

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I would like to backup machines that are not 100% connected : offline backup with local disk staging.

Then I would like to have the backuped data pushed back to our corporate backup system (netbackup).

During this process, I would like to have all the files indexed by netbackup, and I need to be able to restore a file without using DLO Cli.

Today, I can backup the .dlo folder of the DLO server. But If I want to restore a file, I'll need to restore to DLO location, then use the CLI to decypher and merge the incremental files to recreate a usable file.

The best would be to have a way to recreate a directory with not encrypt and ready to use files. This directory willl be backuped (and indexed with tools like symantec search). It will allow us to make search on both our servers and nomad laptops.

Another drawback of DLO is the connection requirements. I haven't find a way to limit the open ports required for DLO server. Today we have some sites that are too weak to have full corporate network access. So we just open some ports to reach the servers. According to the documentation, DLO server use MS RPC and seems to require lots of open ports. I'm hoping that next release will implement features like dedup. In this case, it may be possible to no longer use previous scheme to connect and use another one which may be less ports consuming.