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Is it possible to send Alert to a specific user on spefiec user? + problems

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I have the following questions:


  1. Is it possible to send an alert from email to the specific a user based on the client?
    1. I have Computer Named RTC-NIR, and I would like the user on that pc will recive the alerts to his email, but I do not want he will receive alerts of other users.
    2. What i am trying to do, that a user will recive that he did not had backup for X days tohis email.
  2. Is there an easy way to recive the EXLUDE list of a backup Template from the SQL Server?
    1. I have 2 Folders, C:\TEST, D:\Test. Each on of them have over 30 exclude, they need to have the same excludes, means the same list, at the GUI it is hard to compare so I tried to get it from the sql server and compare, How?
  3. I have a problem on one the of the clients which I can not solve, The dedupe is not initialized.
    1. I can access the dedupe server by the web
    2. I have try to install the VC from DLO server location, but it says the VC on that computer is newer.


I use DLO 7.6,

DLO server, Dedupe server is installed on the same server.

Os: Windows server 2008 R2


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

1) Yes, alert notifications can be configured per user. Have a look @ the section titled "Enabling or Disabling Alert Notifications for Users" in the Admin Guide, pg 178.

2) Let me check on my test machine.

3) DeDupe Initialization is a generic error. Enable verbose logging on the client and attach the client log.

P.S.: Pls open multiple posts if you have different queries as its not only easier to respond, it also helps other users as well.

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Regarding Q 2, there isn't any export/import function in DLO as of yet and is already being considered as an enhancement. I could get certain details using a simple view query which I'll PM to you.