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Issue running DLO 7.6 SP1 Agent on Mac


We have several Macs in our company which are not connected to our domain. So, we use a local account on the Mac and then use a VPN client to connect to domain resources using a domain account. We have just recently upgraded a test DLO server to DLO 7.6 SP1 and want to now test the Mac agents. We successfully installed the agent on two Macs, but when we run the agent we get a dialog box with the below details:

     Please enter your password for the account below. The account will be used to connect to the Media Server.

               User Name:


                    O      Save encrypted passwords used by DLO

We are unable to change the User Name in the above dialog box as it it greyed out and has the local Mac account entered.

Do you know how this can be changed so that we can enter a domain account and start backing up data using DLO?



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Afaik, the user name in the

Afaik, the user name in the dialog box cannot be changed as it reflects the name of the logged in user.

I believe this KB article will apply to MAC agents as well specifically point # 3 -

Thanks VJware Jimmy

Thanks VJware


Hi Smithj, With DLO 7.6 SP1,

Hi Smithj,

With DLO 7.6 SP1, mac client in local account(Workgroup) is not supported.

With DLO 8.0 the support has been provided, which will make fields Username,Password and domain name editable.



Thanks Santosh Jimmy

Thanks Santosh


Re: Thanks SantoshJimmy


I've the same problem but i'm using version 8 SP3,  The MAC's are joined to the domain but i can't edit the User Name.

Any ideas