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Macintosh DLO Agent unable to authenticate

I'm evaluating DLO 9 to hopefully upgrade our DLO 7 server and consolidate our Windows and Mac backups. However, I have been unable to get the Mac DLO agent to launch successfully. It installs fine and can find the DLO server but it always comes back with an "Unable to Authenticate User" error when I try to log in. As far as I can tell all network barriers have been removed and I am having no problems on the Windows side. All of the troubleshooting info I've found says that it's the result of an incorrect password but I have tested it on several machines with about a dozen known-good accounts with no luck. Both clients and server are members of the same Active Directory so I'm not sure what's going on.



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Re: Macintosh DLO Agent unable to authenticate

After further troubleshooting I've found this issue to be specific to 10.12. When I try it on a machine with 10.10 or 10.11 I can get past the login but I run into this issue, although the associated solution does not work for me. The DLO 9 compatibility matrix says the client is supposed to work in 10.12 so I suppose it's time to open a support ticket.