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Need to know the commandline to change single user profile in symantec netbackup DLO

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Hello ,


     Am using DLO netbackup 6.1 mp6 (i know this is out dated but expecting some support on this as we are in planning to migrate to 7.6). I wanted to know if there is a command line to change single user's profile.

For Example: Doing it in GUI is open the console, click on setup tab, click on users folder, select the user (for who you want to change the profile), right click on the user and go to properties, at the profile dropdown select the different profile and click on.

     This is want i wanted to do with in the command line.

Reason of not using GUI: Clicking on users folder under setup tab console crashes.


Appreciate your help on this. thanks.     


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I have move this post to the DLO forum...

(NetBackup is a separate product and Symantec has removed the 'NetBackup' name from the Desktop and Laptop product.)

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I know the later versions of DLO have the command -> -ChangeProfile command

Have a look at the Admin Guide which will explain the parameters in detail.

Syntax - DLOCommandu -ChangeProfile -NP|-NPI [-A|-F|-P|-PI|-S |-SI|-U]|-UF