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Outlook 2016 (Office 365) issues

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I am new to this community and need help on the issue mentioned below:

in my office computer (Windows 10 OS) Veritas DLO Desktop Agent version is installed. Recently I am facing some issues while loading the Outlook for Office 365. Whenever I first load the Outlook, it get stuck while loading the profile or at the initail processing stage. Since last one week I tried to repair the Office apps for solving the issue and I have to do this repairing on a daily basis to get the Outlook start properly. Everyday, while repairing the office apps, the system closed Veritas DLO and today instead of repairing the Office apps, while loading the profile, I closed the Veritas DLO's process by accessing it through the task manager. It helped outlook to load and work properly.

Now, my queries are as follows:

1. Whether I can remove the Veritas DLO from the startup items to get the outlook load properly?

2. Is there an option to schedule Veritas DLO to start automatically (on a scheduled time on daily basis)?

3 Whether enabling such options may cause any harm in the backup or the system?

Thanks in advance.

Jayakrishnan P


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Hello, I have the same problem with DLO 9.3.3.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue with DLO agent and Outlook 2016 ?

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@karinjo and @JAYAKRISHNANP 

Have you tried to log a call with Veritas Support? 

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Please review :

And yes, DLO jobs can be scheduled through profile settings:


Thanks and Regards