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PST backups questions

Level 4


Please your help, we have a few users (15) backing up their information, including their PSTs.

The users have several PST, clasified per year (some users have ten PST, one per year, all sumarizes aproximatly 100GB)

Some PST files are configured/added within Outlook, anothers not (archiving), all PST are not in the default location, they are in another partition inside the PC / Laptop.

On the profile Backup Selections --> Include/Exclude Options, we have checked the option "Include and exclude only the items listed below" and we have included only knowed extensions.

My questions are:

  • In this context, it is correct to add the *.pst extension to backup them up?
  • What is the best strategy to backup large PST?
  • We have some users connected via WiFi only, the max transfer is 11Mbps, DLO needs to be connected to a wired network?
  • The DLO Storage Location is located on a remote site.

Thank you.