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Re: DLO Trial Licence

Level 2
I also downloaded DLO SP1 and I got a link for the license but the license link was removed from box......Now am still struggling to get the slf for DLO.
Am worried how am I going to test it to show my customer coz he wants a software that can backup his laptops and desktops.......can you please help me to get an alternative link or a site were I can get the slf.

Attached is the picture that shows when I get to the link to download trial license.

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Hi @Tshepo 

I believe that Veritas has moved all of their content from BOX to OneDrive.
It seems that they 'forgot' to update all URLs pointing to BOX.

I suggest you log a call with Veritas Customer Care:

Alternatively, if your company is a registered Veritas partner, the PartnerNet Benefits admin at your company can apply for Eval license on PartnerNet. 


Hi Marianne
Yes my company its a veritas partner...But am the Backup Exec and Netbackup engineer...providing support to our clients and selling veritas products.....Now I'll log a call for the matter I have so that I can get trial license for DLO. as soon as veritas gets back to me I'll share the link.

Thanks for your response.

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Have you logged a call yet?

I have logged a call and escaled to regional Product Mannagement.
The more calls we log about the issue, the more chance we have that this will be resolved soon.

Level 1

I have the same issue as well. The download link sent to my email is a dead link. Could not install DLO unless we get a working slf file. Have reported to Veritas. 

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The only way that we are going to get this fixed is by logging as many calls to customercare as possible.

Needless to say that I battled for 3 days to get them to understand what the issues was... 

You may want to quote my case number: Case# 22313000

@Tshepo - if you don't mind, please share your case# as well?

I logged a support call and they assisted me and emailed me the trial slf keys then I continued with my installation......But before the call was closed I asked them to investigate on that link they provide when we download DLO.


For now, please use the attached DLO Evaluation Key (file), its Expire date is 7 Oct-2017.

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Where is this eval key coming from?

Honestly, a 2-week license is really not sufficient.

We need Veritas to fix the URL.

My understanding is that ALL BOX content have been moved to SharePointOnline.
I don't understand why nobody in Veritas cannot share the new URL.

Hi Marianne,

Just attached the available Eval key, so that person who is looking for Eval key can continue with the installation and not sure about the new URL, I believe work is in progress, will let you if I get any information about it.

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I have the same problem and I opened a ticket on 13rd of september and after that the support sent me a wrong key, but since my feedback no answer. I have sent three emails to them.

But I cannot imagine how can they solve if we buy this poduct and we have a problem. :( It is not a good start.



Hi Friend,

Suggest you to dont go for DLO. I already purchased DLO few months back. Every query i raised take much time to resolve and not getting response.

If we check they are taking DLO not so serousily. Rest product are fine like BackUp Exec. From Years DLO has no changes so far.

Check from your end also and my experience is very bad in DLO however Backup EXEC is working fine with wonderful support everytime.


Thanks & Regards,
Shiju Chacko

Hi All,

Latest DLO Eval key is updated on this link (Its Expire date is 23 Nov 2017) 

Attached the DLO Eval key, its expire date is 23 Nov 2017.

Is this link correct? because I'm getting DNS server error.

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Are you a Veritas employee?
Posting internal Veritas links in a public forum?

Is Veritas ever going to get this fixed?

How do you expect to sell DLO with something so basic as a trial license impossible to obtain?

Dear All,

I have attached the latest DLO Eval Key, its expire date is 23 Nov 2017.