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Repairing DLO database finished with status: Failed

I am trying to run the C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec DLO>dlocommandu -reportinfogen -dbserver dlo-server -dbinstance BKUPEXEC command to get accurate report info. When I execute it runs for 20 minutes then dumps a lot of error info.

                        Data mining started...
Unhandled exception :ADODBError-_com_error: foundationerror=80040e14, comerr=800
40e14, nativeerror=102, conn=Provider=SQLOLEDB;Initial Catalog=DLO;Integrated Se
ect Timeout=20, query=INSERT INTO FileTypeUsage(FTUUser, FTUExtension, FTUMachin
eName,FTUProfileName, FTUTime, FTUFileCount, FTUUsage)
VALUES ('Presswood','alumnipartners','PL39391','1 My Documents',convert(datetime

When I run the repair command it rturns a failure. We are not using Dedupe.

C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec DLO>DLODBUtils -repair
                Repairing the database...
                Repairing DLO database finished with status: Failed.
                Repairing Dedupe database finished with status: Succeeded.
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Hi,   You should have



You should have BEutility.exe in the installation directory...have you tried to repair the DLO database with this?


Thanks for taking time to

Thanks for taking time to reply.

I did run BEUtility.exe but my understanding is that it repairs the DEDB and not the DLO database.

I have a support case open but they are very slow to respond.

Kindly check this article

Kindly check this article :