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Resetting DLO user accounts

I am changing the backup selections on our profile and I am testing the changes on a few users before I roll them out site wide. I would like to start their backups from scratch so I am deleting the user object in DLO and recreating it manually. However, when everything is recreated DLO still reports their network data folder size to be what it was before I deleted it. It happens on both the client and server side. How can I reset it completely and get an accurate report of their new network folder size?




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Hi, thanks for the info. I

Hi, thanks for the info. I found that forum post shortly after I posted my question but deleting the both the user and computer objects from the DLO server didn't seem to resolve the issue. Both the client and the server are showing the same number, albeit the wrong one, so it must be stuck in the database somewhere. I'll keep troubleshooting.

Thanks again.

Were the NUDF folders also

Were the NUDF folders also deleted along with the users ? If not, does the NUDF contain any data ?