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Slow "Network copy" in SDLO 7.

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  I'ved migrated from BE-DLO to SDLO 7(and also upgaded from BE 2010 to BE 2012, and installed SP1), and now i have a problem that at any file it is copying verry slow, below 100KB/sec, and it is working verry slow at every file at every step at "Stating network copy"(from 2-5 seconds for every file) and the same when it is doing "Copying network".

This is happening on all agents, also on those that i'ved updated to DLO 7 and even on new computers that have a fresh instal of DLO 7 agent. I'ved try to check the Backup Throttling at Limit network bandwidth and put a higher value, i unchecked the option and nothing happened.

Delta file transfer and Compression are not checked only the Encryption are, but i unchecked and nothing happened. This is happening also in Windows 7 Profesional and in Windows XP Profesional.

How can i make it to copy faster?




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Hi Please check link below Thanks

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Thank you, for the answer, but i dont need to perform backup jobs at a reduced speed so i dont need to activate the backup throttling.

T> throttledfile.cpp( 446 ) THROTTLING_LOG: TR_INFO1: No_throttling. Data_Transmitted: 262144 Time_required: 0 Timestamp: 0 Queue_Index: 0

T> reconciler.cpp( 6717 ) THROTTLING_LOG: (Backup Throttling) Network bandwidth based on hardware configuration is 100000000 bits per second.

T> reconciler.cpp( 6798 ) THROTTLING_LOG: (Backup Throttling) Setting throttling type to no throttling.


I activated the backup throttling and dezactivated, but the speed didn't increase, I belive the problem is in another place.


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I also set the Higher Bandwidth from Enhanced Throttling, i Limited network bandwidth from Basic Throttling to a higher value, and it didn't change anyting.

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The only thing to copy faster was to put back the BE-DLO 2010 Agent, that i have from another server, and changed the registry for DBInstance and DBName to DLO, settings that i took from another computer with DLO 7 Agent:


This is not a verry best solution, but it will work at a reasonable speed, and will stay 10-30 min instead of 12-24 hours per agent to make the backup.

I am still searching far a solution.