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Symantec DLO 7.5 Dedupe Server and Dedupe Storage Location


I am planning to install Symantec DLO 7.5 to use Dedupe feature that available in this. I have one Data Center and many branch offices and want to install in Multiple Sites with Centralised Administration. My question is about Dedupe Server and Dedupe storage location? How many Dedupe server and how many Dedupe Storage locations required in multiple sites with central administration topology? Can some one please help me with best practice around this? Thanks.


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Well for DLO 7.5 Dedup info.


for DLO 7.5 Dedup info. already answered

 and all the details you can find in the DL 7.5 Admin guide, follow as per admin guide


Hope it helps

Hi, Thanks for the response.


Thanks for the response. The admin guide is not giving any information on Multisite installation. Since i am planning to install this in Multi Site with Central Administration, i am looking for specific information about that.

How can I get a model installation details of the following topology? Can someone make one model implementation by taking Data Center, Head Quater and Branch Offices into consideration?

To arrive at a deployment topology, the following factors must be considered:
1. Total number of sites (Data Centers, Head Quarters, Branch Offices, etc.)
2. Total number of end-points in each site and physical location of the Agents in relation to the servers
3. Connectivity of the end-points (LAN, WAN, Link Speed, etc.)

Hi, We are facing problem


We are facing problem while planning implementation of DLO 7.5. Admin guide dont have details of all tge topologies as its just good for single site installation. Please provide architectural documents ASAP as we already bought licenses but still not using. Thanks.





1.First thing take support

1.First thing take support from sym engineer ,by closing the case


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    2.The agents need to be upgraded by push install. It will not be liveupdated.


    There are 3 ways of upgrading Symantec DLO 7.0 agents to Symantec DLO 7.5 agents:

    1. SMS or Log on Script Method

    2. Manual Pull installation by accessing Symantec DLO Administration Server’s agent share

    3. Push installation from Administration Console

    DLOCommandu.exe now provides an option to print the list of existing agents which helps in creating the list of users in a .txt file which can be used for pushing multiple agents via Push Agents from Administration Console UI

    Eg: C:\Program Files\Symantec DLO>DLOCommandu.exe -ListMachines > AgentList.txtThe above Command Line Option would print the list of existing agents to the text file AgentList.txt which can be imported during agent push install from DLO Console UI

    Option 3 is recommended as it provides automated upgrade of multiple agents


    do u select Install Dedupe

    do u select Install Dedupe Server DURING INSTALLATION


    Hi Inn_Kam, I have seen that

    Hi Inn_Kam,

    I have seen that option in Admin Guid. My question was do i need to install Dedupe server only in Central Management Location ? Or in Sites also? what and all we need to install at sites?




    How to install Symantec DLO

    How to install Symantec DLO 7.5 in the followig sites...central management should be at Data Center


    1.Data Centers,  - One Data Center

    2. around 20 sites (Head Quarters, Branch Offices, etc.)



    simple 1.One Data Center


    1.One Data Center  ,,my question which  OS you are using 

    Install DLO Server on WIN 2008 OR WIN 2003 R2 server as mentioned in compaitibilty guide

    2.20 sites which OS are u using

    Install DLO Agents on sites using OS (win xp,win7,win vista )

    what about admin server,

    what about admin server, database, storage location, etc? how to distribute this Data Center and eah sites?

    Can you please check this

    Can you please check this link below? there is information on the deployment as well the scale for each server. Let me know if something is still un-answered.


    Hi, Can some please tell me


    Can some please tell me the type of communication that happened between backup client and DLO servers? Thanks.


    Does DLO 7.5 allow me to

    Does DLO 7.5 allow me to create a dedupe server as oppossed to just adding one? I get an error when adding one that says "The Server Host or port details you have entered is invalid or there is no dedupe server running at the specified location" - is there a windows 2008R2 feature or role I need to install?