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Symantec DLO 7.5


I am planning to implement latest version of Symantec DLO 7.5. We have a Data Center and many branch offices. I want to use "Multiple Sites with Centralised Administration" Topology. Can someone please suggest how to place the following components? What need to installed at Data Center and waht need to be installed at each sites with 200 to 20 desktops and laptops?

  1. DLO Administration Console
  2. DLO Administration Service
  3. DLO Configuration Database+Dedupe Database
  4. DLO Dedupe Server
  5. DLO Storage Location
  6. Dedupe Storage Location
  7. DLO Maintenance Service



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To arrive at a deployment

To arrive at a deployment topology, the following factors must be considered:

  1. Total number of sites (Data Centers, Head Quarters, Branch Offices, etc.)
  2. Total number of end-points in each site and physical location of the Agents in relation to the servers. Each admin server can scale up to 16000 users.
  3. Connectivity of the end-points (LAN, WAN, Link Speed, etc.)

For the mentioned "Multiple Sites with Centralized Administration Server" see the attached screen for the 2 categories of deployment that can be considered depending on the link speed.

Thanks Swami. I am going to

Thanks Swami. I am going to use the Low Link Speed (second one). How many sites we can have for one Central Sites?

Shamee, Each server can scale


Each server can scale upto 16K users. Hence it is not about how many sites, but it is about how many clients are going to be in each site.

Thanks Swami. But do we have

Thanks Swami. But do we have any limitation in number of Maintenance Server, Storage Location or Dedupe Storage location? What is the maximum numbers for this?


maintenance server : it is

maintenance server : it is recommended to have them installed in the same machine as the storage location as maintenance activity is IO intensive. But you can have one maintenance server managing multiple locations as well.

There is no limitation on the dedupe or dlo storage location.

Hi, If i use multiple sites

Hi, If i use multiple sites with centralised administration as shown in the above givine diagra, what will be the bandwidth required for one site to central location. I meant, say for 10 clients, what should be the WAN bandwidth? Storage Location, Dedupue Storage ans Maintenance server will be isntalled in each site.


Hi, Can someone please


Can someone please provide the visio stencils of Symantec? Thanks.


Hi, Can we restrict one


Can we restrict one user's backup in one PC. I meant, if users login to the other machine, the backup should not run unless we change the machine in the DLO. Thanks.


"A user can access data from

"A user can access data from multiple desktops in multiple locations if they are using the same login credentials on each desktop. Users can

also restore previous file revisions, even when the desktop is offline, if they are saving at least one file revision in the desktop user data folder."

I didnt understand the above paragraph in the DLO 7.5 adimin guide. Can someone please explain this? Thanks.