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Symantec DLO 7.5

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I am looking for Solutions DLO, I need tobe   implemented  DLO in Two different domain  i.e  User is member of while Computer account is member of .


User need to backup their  all documents  which is saved in different location of  Disk , preferably by using location name rather then File type . 


Thanks  . 



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...what exactly are you looking for? For someone here to design your solution for the client?


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Hi Girijesh,

Its not often that I've seen DLO setup like this, where users are on different domain and computers on different. Even if you manage to setup in cross-domain environment, it may be difficult to manage and to troubleshoot a issue, not because software does not have capability but due to the fact the you are creating a complex enviroment. I would personally recommend a DLO setup where users and computers are part of same domain.

However, you may explore more from DLO admin guide which you can download from this link

See the initial pages, page 19-21 under the heading 'Before you install' and also page 96, Profile user settings.

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Hello All,

Does anyone have idea what could be causing below error after installing DLO 7.5 sp1 on windows 8 pro (build 9200)?

Information V-138-57364-7 - unable to configure the desktop agent. No settings found for the current user and no automatic user assignment.

P.S Some windows 8 users are ok and all configuration has been done from DLO console.


Thanks and regards