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Symantec DLO 7.x having issue after network teaming with broadcom utility.


We have the following.

1. Symantec DLO 7.6 on MS Windows 2012 R2.

2. Broadcom Network teaming utility.

3. Client - Win 7.

When we have deployed the DLO its was smoothly working and we can able to install the remote agent.

We have used the Broadcom teaming software (as we have broadcom NIC as we can able to see the Device manager) for teaming the 4 no. nic ports..

Than the issue arrived.

The DLO server when opening the error that .."This server is not joined to domain"...

Than we rejoined the we can open the DLO soncole..but the client were unable to communicate the server  and further unable to remote install the DLO agents using the AD authentication.

Whne browsing for the machine to install ..we are unable to see the DC ...some how we can managed tosee the DC but there are no system under the DC...

Now ..we removed the NIC cards from the teaming group ..viola...we can able to do every ...Remote INstallation of DLO agents..

SO, my question ..why is this..any resolution around...


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Last time i checked, NIC

Last time i checked, NIC teaming wasn't completely supported. Best to log a formal support case and work with the support engineers.

Hi, Can any one explain how


Can any one explain how the DLO connect with the DLO Client agent form the DLO server.

Is there any issue with the Third pary teaming with the Win 2012 as Win2012 have its own teaming utility..