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Symantec DLO migration


We're in the process of migrating our domain to another. We have Symantec DLO on our systems.

Post migration of systems to new domain, the DLO throws up an error "No settings found for the current user...." -> this is understandable and deleting and re-adding the user in the DLO console helps.

But the actual problem is after we re-add them -> Will it again start a new fresh backup? What are my options to prevent this and continue with existing delta backups.

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Readding the user will cause

Readding the user will cause the backup to run anew i.e. as a full backup.

Do not readd the user. Update the DLO clients to reflect the new domain. You can run the following command on the DLO Admin Server -

DLOCommandu –RenameDomain -OD <Old Domain Name> -ND <New Domain Name>

Hi Darshan, Refer this link,

Hi Darshan,

Refer this link, that can help you with the procedure: