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Symantec DLO triaware not able to install

Level 2

I downloaded the symantec DLO 7.5 trialware.

when I key-in the trial license key given, it says "The serial number you have provided is invalid."

the license key is given to me in an email.

what should I do ?


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Best thing to do here is approach the licensing department (or whomever you got the trial license from) and ask for another one.


Level 2

lol, me also.  If you look at the license you will see the email is from "Kathleen Killgore" who I don't think even exists (I sent email to her but no reply).

You will also see the text "Install by Date: 06/30/2013".

Of course, I received this email on July 29th, so a month past 6/30 already.  That is why our licenses are no good.

I got ahold of Symantec and they sent a license, but it is only good for 30 days, and seems only one user.

So at this point I can't Eval the software as it only works on my  laptop.  

I made the mistake of installing it on my managers laptop, and their managers laptop, just to discover it doesn't work.

I am waiting on Symantec to send a working license.

I am ready to purchase but can't get approvel from my managers for "Non-Working" backup software which is what this is at this point.

Hopefully Symantec will get their act together and update their license for the EVAL software.


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Exact same thing just happened to me. Received a serial yesterday (11/21/2013) that had an install date of 10/31/2013.

Did you ever get a serial number? 

Level 3

I had the same problem, all i had to do was change the date of the server to the ""install by date"" and i was able to install the program...