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Symantec Desktop Laptop Option (SDLO) 8.0 adding Dedupe server storage pool results in Could not authenticate user

Dear Support,


I'm having a problem to add in dedupe server storage pool.


I have install DLO on Win Server 2012 R2 and using SQL Express 2012

For testing purpose, i'm using MYLAB\Administrator as a domain account.




By referring this link  , could you advise on the solution part.


Thanks Smiley Happy


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Using the command line, run

Using the command line, run the command listed in the KB article referenced above. As an example -

sqlcmd.exe -E -S .\SQLEXPRESS -d dedupedb -Q "insert into user_info values (5, 'MYLAB\Administrator' ,NULL, 1) "

Secondly, do ensure you are logged in to the DLO server using mylab\administrator account.

If the above doesn't help, try these steps -

    Log on to the server machine using the credentials with which the DLO Administration Console was installed.
    Launch the DLO Administration Console.
    Right-click the Dedupe Server and click Manage.
    On the System tab, click Add and add the user name to the list of Admin Users.
    Log off and log on with the credentials of the user that was added to the list.

Thanks bro, i'm able to

Thanks bro, i'm able to manage the dedupe server.

Re: Thanks bro, i'm able to

Hi Mohd_Noor,

i am facing same issue while creating a Dedupe server. Can you please share what exactly solved your issue?