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Transfer users to Dedupe enabled storage location and branch offices

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We're currently using Backup Exec 2010 DLO option and plan to upgrade to DLO 7.5.

I installed it on a separate server to test some of the new features and most importantly Deduplication which works pretty well.

I would like to know if there is a way to transfer user data from the old storage location to a new dedupe enabled one, deduplicating the data in the process so it uses less space ? Moving the Network User Data Folder in the console seems to just copy the files without doing any dedup.

If not I guess I should just install the new agent on my users computers and backup from start to the new dedupe enabled storage location.


Also, we currently have 2 other storage locations in branch offices, one of which is across the atlantic ocean (bandwith is ok at 10Mbps but moderate latency). Can I just create the 2 shared folders (storage location and dedupe) on the branch office file server or is it better (necessary?) to install an administration server/dedupe server/database/maintenance server (or which of these) locally ?


One note : DLO 7.5 is supposed to add support for Windows 8 but when you set it up to prompt for backup at log off, it still looks like the application has hung and users might force close it...



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The De-duplication will not be applied to the data which is already backed up using BE 2010 R3.

So you just upgrade to SDLO 7.5, create dedupe storage location then assign dedupe enabled profile and storage location(which is clubbed with dedupe storage location) to the user.
Note: If you are in BE 2010 R3(Nicobar) then you can upgrade directly to SDLO 7.5, if not the first upgrade to SDLO 7.0 or BE 2010 R3 then upgrade to SDLO 7.5.

After upgrading if the file which has been backed up in prevision version,will now on will be deduped and the older revision will get deleted based on the revision policy set.

Recommended to install maintainance server locally if it is Windows file server, if not keep maintainance server  as close as possible to file server to attain better performance.