Veritas DLO Desktop Agent has stopped working.

Veritas DLO Desktop Agent has stopped working.

We have the issue the program dont work correctly:

1. Re-install de applicacion dont work.

2. Install with troubleshooting configuration.

3.We use windows 10 Enterprise and  Veritas DLO 9.2

The other users dont have the problem we have 400 users.

Thank you.DLO_problem.jpg


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Re: Veritas DLO Desktop Agent has stopped working.


You show the Agent is not working, but is this for only 1x client or for more, as you imply that you have 400 users in total. If only this machine, then that would indicate something environmental which is affecting this.

The error implies there is a possibly a crash of a process occurring, so could you please check the Event Logs on the client machine and see whether there are any errors there that may help identify the cause.

Make sure that the client can access the network storage path and that if Dedupe is being used, that you get a valid response from connecting to the Dedupe server ports ; i.e. https://<ipaddress>:8443   &    http://<ipaddress>:8181

Debug logging will then need to be enabled for the client and the issue reproduced, so that it is captured into the logs, but if the checks above do not help identify anything, you may have to open a Support case for to investigate further.